UTILITY SPLIT SET HANGER BOLT (Friction Stabilizer Hanger)

Split Set utility hanger bolts available in all Models and up to 900mm. They're not for ground support, but they offer the same installation advantages as friction bolt. They come in the same tube diameters, and use the same bearing plates. They are used to support cables, ductwork, pipes and Mine Mesh. Lightweight items such as ventilation tubing may be hung from the loop on the bearing plate.

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UTILITY SPLIT SET HANGER BOLTHanger galvanizing and Black Split Set Bolt with different length are available. Made by high-grade of steel material, our split set bolt can get a very good zinc coating surface to have a better performance when it is used in corrosive environment.Split Set Utility Hangers can also make screen and mesh installation much easier, faster and safer. After your opening is secured with standard Friction Bolt, install the mesh all at once by driving friction bolt Utility hangers inside the tubes. No new holes are needed. There's no awkward handling of mesh at the end of a long bolt, or under unsupported ground. Screen or Mesh conforms to the rock more tightly.  Utility Hanger Bolt also need to be pull testing to be sure they could have the function of inserting into the present split set bolts and fixing tightly for hanging for fixing different things that maybe necessary or standard used in the ground support applications.FAQ of FB-39 SPLIT SET BOLT1. What is Combi Plate and how does it make ? Utility Split Set Hanger Bolt are also made by high tensile steel strip, which is same with the support bolt by roll-formed into a longitudinal slot C shape tube along its entire length. A steel ring is full welded on the end of the tube by automatic welding device, which is to drive into the present support bolts.Latest NewsFB-39 SPLIT SET BOLT (Friction Stabilizer)FB-39 SPLIT SET BOLT SPECIFICATION AND MECHANICAL PROPERTY
Dimensions Physical Properties Technical Data
Bolt Diameter  A 47mm Yield Strength Min. 345 Mpa (120KN) Recommended Normal Bit Size 41-45mm
Bolt Length  B 0.9-3.0m Typical 445Mpa(150KN)
Taper End Diameter  C 38mm Tube Ultimate Tensile Strength Min. 470 Mpa (160KN) Typical Breaking Capacity 178KN
Taper Slot Wide  D 2mm Typical 530Mpa(180KN)
Taper Length  E 100mm Mass per Meter 2.71 Kgs Min. Breaking Capacity 133KN
Bolt Slot Wide  F 25mm
Ring Location  G 8mm Cross Section Area 345 mm² Recommended Initial Anchorage 6-10 Tons               (53-89 KN)
Material Guage  H 3/3.2mm
Ring Wire Guage  I 8mm Hole Diameter Range 43-45.5mm Ultimate Axial Strain Typical 21% (Thk<16mm)
Ring Open Gap  J 6-7mm
UTILITY SPLIT SET HANGER BOLT SPECIFICATION Most of the Split Set Hanger bolt was in 900mm length, and special length and diameter of bolt can also be available UTILITY SPLIT SET HANGER BOLT ● Made by High Tensile Steel, and different grade of material available depends on different use environment to save the cost of ground support. ● Split Set Hanger Bolt is the most easy and effective to assemble, it's C shape body providing an instant full of friction force all the way to the inside of support bolt. ● Galvanizing and untreated Split Set Bolts are both available. ● Full range of accessories available.The profile of Utility Hanger Bolt is just same with Split Set Bolt and is made by the same rollformers and welders, so it has the same requirements with the split set bolts, and we follow the same standard and processes to make the Utility Hanger bolt.Hanger bolt's welds quality is a also very critical point for the split set bolt which will affect the performance of the bolt while used in ground support. We have a routine quality mornitoring and warning system to get a consistance and stable perfect welds quality, and a job traveller with pull testing records will go through the whole processes to avoid any accidents in the production.2. How to use and assemble ? Utility Split Set Hanger Bolt are not for ground support but for fixing mesh, screen or something that need to be hangered on the wall, which offer a easy way to help fixing all the other accessories or facilities that need to be used in the projects. It only need to be driven into the present split set bolts with dome plate to fix anything you want.

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