"W" Strap is commonly used when additional support is required in conjunction with mesh and rock bolts. These steel straps are pulled into the rock surface by the bolts and tend to conform to the rock surface. It is also widely used in ground support application especially at critical area.

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Beside of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of Split Set bolt and plate in China, we also supply all the necessary accessories and consumables together used in ground support applications. W-Strap is also a very important consistant and reinforced support products which usually used with split set bolt or rock bolt and plate to provide a better support performance and get a better result. The material used to make the W-strap can be offered with different grade and thickness of steel, which depends on the conditions of strata or the requirements of support, and the profile of the W-Strap maybe different to meet different demands. With our experiences and machining facilities and equipments, we can design and make special rollers to rollform different profile of W-Straps from different customers, meanwhile we can provide all the support products used together with W-Strap such as friction bolt or rock bolt, bearing plate or washers, mesh and mesh plate, drivers and nuts etc., to offer an one stop service to save our customer's time and cost to source different products. We also provide services to our customers for checking the quality and sourcing other relevant products which is not produced by us in China, to make sure all the products that customer ordered from us will be safety and qualified, just as TRM slogen "Safety, is always our Top Rank Mission" W-STRAP FEATURES ● "W" Strap provide a large surface to confine any loose rock that may form between installed rock bolts ● "W" Strap have a range of supply options being : 1. Multi-hole (300mm apart) centers or "Set Holes" to suit individual applications, note that 50mm hole diameter is standard, other hole diameters are available by negotiation. 2. Domed Plates of Flat Plates can be supplied welded to individual holes along the "W" Strap as required for an additional cost. 3. Steel Mesh sheets can be supplied welded to the underside of these "W" Straps also at a additional price. ● Corrosion protection may be provided by a hot dip galvanizing (Galvanized "W" Strap is also available as required). ● OEM service is available, and we welcome customer's orginal design. W-STRAP SPECIFICATION W-Strap Profile
Code Dimensions Finish
WS-180 180 required 36/42/49 1.5/1.6/1.9/2.0 Black/Galvabond / HGD
WS-240 240 required 36/42/49 1.5/1.6/1.9/2.0 Black/Galvabond / HGD
WS-280 280 required 36/42/49 1.5/1.6/1.9/2.0 Black/Galvabond / HGD
Note: Typically Multi-Hole apart 500mm, special requirement can be available W-STRAP STANDARD LENGTH AND PACKING ● Standard W - Strap lengths range from 900 to 6000mm in 300mm increments. ● W-Strap are packed in bundles of 25. ● Non- Standard requirements are available by negotiation.

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